How To Choose An Academic Mentor

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Academic Accomplishments:

  • BA, Zoology, University of California, Berkeley
  • Graduate Student, PhD Program Molecular Biology, UCLA
  • MD, UCLA
  • MBA, MS Finance, University of Denver

MY passion is teaching students material that was never taught
properly the first time it was presented in school. Confidence was never
instilled in the student because classes were too large, and individual
assessments of student learning styles were, therefore, impractical. A
“one size fits all” teaching style was adopted rather than an array of
methods, in deference to time limitations.

We, on the other hand, have patience, insight, and respect for all
learning styles and deficiencies. We move on only when students have
mastered a new concept, ensuring thorough understanding.

Succeeding at standardized tests is a special skill. Standardized
tests require not only mastery of basic subject material but also an
understanding of how to deal with multiple choice questions and answers
to arrive at the correct choices quickly and accurately by using what
some people might regard as “secrets.”

We use only the most up-to date, error free preparation materials
to assure a thorough understanding of the testing process long before the
student arrives at the test site. The process is one that cannot be learned
overnight; student cooperation, effort, and practice time are vital.

If a student is willing to cooperate, the results will far surpass
expectations and admissions into schools previously thought to be out of
reach will become realities.

Students who follow this step-by-step protocol are destined for success within the academic world.



Becoming a Straight A Student: 3 Steps of Expert Test Performance


Taken before a tutoring session with on of my many clients

As a doctor, I’ve spent a great deal of time in school. I’ve taken more tests than I care to
remember but spent no sleepless nights cramming for midterm or final exams.

During my 25-year educational pursuit, I’ve been exposed to every kind of classmate:

  • Those who want nothing more than to party.
  • Those who want to succeed at any cost, even if it means cheating.
  • Those who work as hard as anyone else in class – even as hard as I do -only to squeak by with a D.

What category do I fall into? Well, I fall into a slightly different category – the student who
seems to effortlessly grasp material and ace nearly every exam. And while I would love to tell you that I am actually that smart, the truth is I’m simply a great test-taker because of this flawless 3-step approach!

  1. Expertly Reacquaint Yourself With Course Materials

The first step toward acing any test is to recognize that regardless of your aptitude, it’s
impossible to succeed if you don’t know the material. So it goes without saying that you must first focus on strengthening your subject matter expertise.

In my 25 years as a student and nearly 17 years of mentoring impressionable minds, I’ve
come to realize that teachers frequently present materials in inconsistent and confusing ways. As a result, students of all calibers experience difficulty understanding and “owning” the information.

To succeed with this crucial first step, you must first “go back to the basics.” You need to
utilize an experienced resource capable of assessing your learning style as well as the extent of your current knowledge. A true professional will then personalize a training plan to meet your needs and present the information in a consistent manner. The goal is to teach the material the way it should have been presented the first time around!

However, while knowledge of the material is necessary, any “Straight A” student will tell you that knowledge doesn’t guarantee you a perfect test score. To accomplish that you must…

2) Become a Master of Little-Known Test-Taking Secrets

If you’ve ever dedicated hours of study only to fail that all important test, you’ve experienced firsthand the reality that sometimes knowing the information just isn’t enough. Sometimes test questions are misleading, sometimes unanticipated questions show up.

So what can you do?

The answer is simple. You need a test-taking expert to show you the ropes – someone to
show you time-tested strategies that really work!

As a “Straight A” student, I’ve discovered a vast array of test-taking techniques that work.

These are the same techniques that I successfully used to ace the prestigious Princeton Review pretests – not once, but 4 times in a row!

My goal in sharing that piece of information is not to brag about my accomplishments. Rather, it’s my intent to illustrate how powerful these techniques are.

By developing and honing your test-taking proficiency, you can learn how to:

  • Focus time on appropriate questions;
  • Virtually eliminate test anxiety – the most common impediment to scholastic
    performance; and
  • Leave the test with a sense of accomplishment – not frustration!

And while knowing these test taking techniques is certain to help, you must still. ..

3) Build Confidence By Demonstrating Your Mastery Of Materials & Techniques!

Yes, it’s true. Even with a strong foundation of knowledge and the test-taking road map, the only way to truly build confidence is to prove it to yourself!

To do so, you must practice and hone your new skills as well as challenge your understanding of the materials. You need to take a series of practice exams that have been designed to evaluate both your knowledge of the subject matter and your effectiveness in taking the tests!

Together, these 3 steps are guaranteed to instill the confidence you need to “effortlessly”
pass your next exam!


Transform An Average Student Into A Highly Sought After College Applicant

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Anything is possible if you follow these strict guidelines.